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Medical Services

Executive Medicals

We offer a comprehensive one hour medical screen followed by a medical report together with recommendations sent directly to the individual.

Medical screens includes:

Assessment using health questionnaire, physical examination including weight, height, blood pressure and pulse check, ECG, urine screening, vision screening, blood tests including full blood count, kidney and liver function tests, cholesterol and PSA (prostate specific antigen; for men over 50 years of age)

Confined Space Medicals

We can help you meet your legal obligations by ensuring your employees are medically fit before and at set periods when working in confined spaces.  This will form part of your health and safety arrangements in terms of meeting the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Confined Spaces Regulations 1998.  Certain health conditions both physical and mental could affect the ability to work safely.  The programme adheres to specified fitness criteria and will be tailored to the specific requirements and hazards of the job.

Skin Health Assessments

We can assist you in reducing and controlling the incidence of occupational skin conditions by the provision of a skin surveillance programme.  This includes administration of a skin health surveillance questionnaire and clinical examination in the form of a visual inspection, prior to the employee starting work.  This is followed by periodic checks of hands and forearms.  If any early signs of dermatitis such as cracking, redness or scaling be detected, more detailed investigation and appropriate intervention will be taken.

HGV/LSV/ PSV medicals

The medical standards for Group 2 licence entitlement (LGV/PCV) are higher than Group 1 (Car). As a result of this, the DVLA requires a medical report form ‘D4’ form to be completed by a registered medical practitioner as part of the application process. This link explains how the DVLA set the medical standards for a variety of driving licences:


 The following are required at the examination:

  • Spectacles or contact lenses worn for distant vision
  • A sample of urine specimen -be prepared!
  • A list of regular prescribed medication taken – ideally a copy of the ‘repeat prescription’ slip.

The D4 form will be completed after the medical examination ready to return to the DVLA. The individual will be told if there have been any abnormal findings that might affect the issue or renewal of the license.

Diver Medicals

divingmedicalsThe Diving at Work regulations 1997 stipulates that all divers at work must have a valid certificate of fitness to dive issued by an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED). All persons who dive at work must complete a statutory health assessment to make sure that they are fit to complete dives. The certificate is valid for up to a maximum of 12 months.

Dr Fiona Tees is a HSE Approved Medical Examiner of Divers and would be delighted to carry out your diving medical. Please telephone us for an appointment and bring with you:

  • If you are a new diver a completed health questionnaire countersigned by your GP and results of a full blood count (see HSE: Medical Examination and Assessment of Divers (MA1) www.hse.gov.uk/diving/information.htm Annex A).
  • If you attend a specialist please bring your most recent report.
  • Photo ID
  • Trainers/shorts (for exercise test to assess aerobic capacity)
  • You may eat before attending the appointment but avoid alcohol the day before your test as this may affect your pulse.
  • Up to date Log Book and any other information you feel is relevant for the appointment

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