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Fitness for Work Assessments

From October 1st 2010, the Equality Act 2010 has prohibited employers from asking about health of an applicant until an offer of a post is made. However, a conditional offer is usually subject to a health assessment involving an occupational health practitioner. We can provide a health questionnaire and job hazard/risk evaluation sheet which should be completed by the recruiting manager.


The assessment initially takes the form of paper screening with any follow-up as indicated from the health questionnaire and risk assessment process.


If further health information is required due to a declared health issue, a telephone interview by the occupational health practitioner is made. Should this indicate that a further assessment of functional capability may be required, an appointment with the occupational health practitioner is advised. It may also be necessary to obtain more information, with the applicant's written permission, ensuring they have been informed of their rights under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988, from their GP or hospital consultant.


Your company would then be advised on the applicant's medical suitability for employment and where applicable, any recommendations, including limitations and adjustments, taking into consideration the applicants fitness for the proposed job and current legislation.

Display Screen Workstation Assessments

We can help you when an employee has a health issue which could relate to working with DSE.  We will undertake workstation assessments as requested and will provide any necessary recommendations in the form of a report.

Pregnant Women and Breast Feeding Mothers

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations you are required to assess risks to all your employees and do what is reasonably practical to control these risks.  We can assist you by undertaking a "workplace risk assessment" and will provide any recommendations in the form of a report.

Forklift Truck Medical Screening

HSE guidance recommends that it is good practice for all operators of Forklift Trucks to be screened for fitness.  We can help you by providing the required health assessments prior to employment or training and then at set intervals according to age.  Assessment is also recommended in all cases following an accident or following sickness absence of more than one month, or a shorter period if it is likely that the illness might affect the employee's ability to operate a fork lift truck.

Night Worker/Shift Worker Health Screening

Under the Working Time Directives, employees working night shifts need to be offered an occupational health assessment. The assessment comprises of two parts:

  • A screening questionnaire
  • A medical examination if there are any concerns about the employee's fitness for night work.
  • Your company would then be advised on the employee's medical suitability for night work, along with any recommendations, including limitations and adjustments, taking into consideration the current legislation.

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